Computer Medics can put together a maintenance plan for any computer you have. We have a checklist that we perform on your computer, server or network and correct anyissues at that time. Not only will this correct any deficiencies in your computer but it will enhance it's performance. To protect yourselflet us setup a maintenance plan for your home computers or your business systems. Computer Medics offers the following services in this area:

  • Hardware Diagnostics Test

  • Clean and Check Hard Drive for errors and efficiency

  • Check disk space availability

  • Detect and fix directory errors

  • Physically clean Floppy, CD/DVD ROM

  • Physically clean inside of computer Ensure that all software is updated

  • Perform a thorough scan for intruders and discuss ways to protect yourself  

  • Disable unnecessary programs from starting and taking up valuable system resources

  • Remove any unused software

Computer Repair Serving Escambia - Santa Rosa Counties and surrounding communities

Computer Medics of Pensacola

Computer Medics of Pensacola franchise
established to replace local Computer Service Express.
Trip to Alaska

Trip to Alaska to train with Computer Medics of America. Beautiful country. Thanks John and Cheri!

First Service Call

Took our first service call as a Computer Medic!

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